CHOCO CUBE, located at ICAM headquarters in Orsenigo (Como), Italy, is the new dimension dedicated to pastry chefs and chocolate professionals. It is born thanks to the know-how of ICAM and over 70 years of experience.

CHOCO CUBE is a place where passion, tradition and experience are combined together and available to all pastry chefs, chocolatiers and ice cream makers.

ICAM technical team, together with internationally renowned pastry chefs and chocolatiers, will share its competence with Italian and international customers through Masterclasses and Workshops, in order to encourage the growth and exchange of knowledge, to strengthen the culture of chocolate and to outline the trends of the sector for the future.

To write the formula of your success, CHOCO CUBE will offer the presence of professional and technical consultants, a wide range of ICAM Linea Professionale and Agostoni chocolate couvertures, all made in Italy and realized in a 4.0 plant with experience and passion. Furthermore, it will propose perfect solutions for every creation and tastings of the chocolate recipes prepared live, offering unique taste experiences.




CHOCO CUBE is based on the following values: culture, meaning the chocolate culture available to the professionals of the confectionary sector in order to promote the exchange of skills, competence, meaning the know how of ICAM offered to the pastry chefs, chocolatiers and ice cream makers, and creativity, meaning the exchange of different mindsets to understand which are the trends that will be developed in the sector.




The new project in Orsenigo aims to become a high level training center, where it is possible to learn the techniques of making chocolate and pastry. A place where it will be possible to make exchanges between teachers, leaders and participants which will attend the scheduled courses.




The vision consists in emphasizing the uniqueness of ICAM: history, passion, tradition and experience for over 70 years, that people will find in the new 4.0 plant of Orsenigo. CHOCO CUBE is the place that represents the hub of all these competences and values, where it is possible to find the chocolate know how, the supply chain, the technology and the innovation.


“CHOCO CUBE project is the result of the passion for chocolate, which is an essential part of the company’s DNA and is literally handed down from generation to generation by the Agostoni family. CHOCO CUBE is a very important step for us, which will further help us to position ourselves as a point of reference for professionals in the confectionery sector, not only for our products but also as experts in the processing of raw materials at 360°.”
Giovanni Agostoni, ICAM Sales Director




CHOCO CUBE has scheduled a succession of intense and dynamic courses, that include both Masterclasses and Workshops, where Italian and international pastry chefs will show their knowledge and share their competence. The courses will be focused on pastry, chocolate and ice cream; furthermore, they will provide courses about basic and creative pralines, Italian modern cakes, Italian mignon, recipes and decorations typical of Christmas time. CHOCO CUBE will also offer tasting experiences to deepen the techniques of perception of different flavours.

For example, CHOCO CUBE will host the following chefs:

  • Chef Salvatore Toma
    CHOCO CUBE training coordinator and technical consultant for ICAM.
  • Chef Gaetano Mignano
    Technical consultant for ICAM and member of the committee of the World Cup of ice cream.
  • Chef Ernst Knam
    Testimonial for ICAM Linea Professionale and Agostoni.
  • Chef Gianluca Aresu
    Italian maitre chocolatier and patissier of International level, he is specialized in the production of artistic chocolate on hollow shapes. He has just realized a course based on Easter.
  • Chef Mario Di Costanzo
    Italian pastry chef, he will lead a Masterclass based on modern pastry.

ICAM’s technical team, composed of Italian and international chefs, represents the beginning of a journey that can develop new trends, experiences and offer a valuable support to all the Italian and international customers.
Apart from Salvatore Toma and Gaetano Mignano, the team consists of some international technical consultants such as: