The ideal chocolate for guaranteeing a crisp, flexible coating which adheres perfectly, thanks to the precise balance of cocoa butter and butter oil.

A range of ICAM couverture chocolate which is ideal for giving ice cream, ice cream on sticks, cones, bon bons and ice popsicles a shiny, crisp chocolate coating. The precise balance of cocoa butter and butter oil in the chocolate results in a crisp, compact, flexible coating that adheres perfectly to the ice cream.

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Natural Cocoa 10/12 Single-Origin Peru - see label
Hazelnut Paste
Artisanal Almond Praline 55%
Artisanal Hazelnut Praline 55%
TGT Fine Hazelnut Praline
Artisanal Pistachio Praline
Rice Crispies
White Chocolate ChocoCrock
Milk Chocolate ChocoCrock
Dark Chocolate ChocoCrock
Nougat Chips
Coffee Concentrate
Organic Selected Chocolate Nibs
Crunchy Flakes
Vanini Cream
White Chocolate Glasover
Milk Chocolate Glasover
Dark Chocolate Glasover
Prestige Dark Chocolate Glasover
Shiny Chocolate Icing gel
Edelweiss White Cream
Icam Dark Chocolate Icing
Grand Cru Bagua Native - Peru Origin - Organic Cocoa Mass
Sweetened Cocoa Powder min 45%
Dark Cocoa Powder Cacao 22/24
Dark Cocoa Powder 22/24 with Vanilla
Cocoa Powder 22/24
Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder 10/12
Fairtrade Cocoa Powder 20/22 A21 SRB TF FLO
Organic Cocoa Powder 20/22 A21 SRB BIO NOP
Organic Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder 10/12 A11 SRB BIO NOP
Cocoa 22/24 Nacional Arriba Single-Origin Ecuador
Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Paste
Nacional Arriba Cocoa Paste Single-origin Ecuador
Cocoa Paste Single-Origin Uganda
Grand Cru Cocoa Paste Los Bejucos Dominican Origin
Chocolate Igloo Edelweiss
Milk Chocolate Igloo Intense
Chocolate Igloo Bittra
White Vanini
White Organic Chocolate
Milk Gianduja
Milk Regina
Milk Vanini
Milk Single Origin Peru
Milk Grand Cru Los Bejucos Dominican Origin
Dark Diamante
Dark Vanini
Extra Dark Organic Chocolate
Dark Grand Cru Pachiza Peru Origin
Dark São Tomé Single Origin
Dark Madagascar Single Origin
Dark Ecuador Single Origin nacional Arriba
Dark Dominican Single Origin
Dark Grand Cru Los Vasquez Dominican Origin
Dark Grand Cru Los Palmaritos Dominican Origin
Organic Dark Grand Cru Bagua - Peru Origin
Dark Grand Cru Los Bejucos Dominican Origin