Resistant to baking

Products resistant to high baking temperatures, ideal for use as an ingredient to melt in the mixture or as an inclusion in oven-baked bases.

For oven-baked products, the ICAM Professional Line has created specific recipes which guarantee excellent performance when making baking recipes. ICAM products are resistant to high baking temperatures and so ideal for use as an ingredient to melt in the mixture or as an inclusion in bases baked in the oven or on the stove-top.

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Perù - Dark chocolate drops ~ 9000 pcs/kg
Cremone Bianco - (white chocolate with hazelnuts)
Organic Selected Chocolate Nibs
Vanini Cream
Edelweiss White Cream
Extra Dark Chocolate Cream
Elisa Cream
Dark Chocolate Cream ZeroP
Hazelnut Cream ZeroP
White Cream Fillmilk ZeroP
Grand Cru Bagua Native - Peru Origin - Organic Cocoa Mass
Cocoa Paste
Nacional Arriba Cocoa Paste Single-origin Ecuador
Dark drops Pinhead ~ 20,000 pcs/kg
Dark drops Mini ~ 12,000 pcs/kg
Dark drops Mignon ~ 9,000 pcs/kg
Dark drops Medium ~ 7,500 pcs/kg
Dark Chocolate Bio Fairtrade Mignon Drops ~ 9,000 pcs / kg
Cubes of White Chocolate
Cubes of Milk Chocolate
Cubes of Dark Chocolate
Dark Intense Pro
White Aster
Milk Gianduja
Milk Senza Zuccheri Aggiunti (No Added Sugar)
Milk Modella
Milk Prestige Organic Chocolate
Dark Senza Zuccheri (Sugar Free)
Dark Modella
Dark Madesimo
Dark Mabel
Dark Ecuador Single Origin nacional Arriba